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Looking for an agent for writers or publishing house.

e-mail: slaven11@ abv.bg

mobile:  ++ 359 884 117 155

 Dear Sirs,

 I am a Bulgarian writer and would like to present to your attention my latest book “The Living Treasure”. It was published in Bulgarian, May 2008, ISBN 978-954-9996-44-9. I would like to be published by your Publishing House.

 The book consists of four short stories and a novel which name is taken for the book’s title. The short stories are crime, science fiction and adventure thrillers with fascinating and intriguing plot, suspense and unexpected end. They are perfect for filming.  

 Oh, you are so maddening, tender and gentle. I love your hands, gliding slowly over my skin

I was back in the dream again, yet it was not mine. I saw a young man at about twenty-five. He was stubby, with big brown eyes and unusually long eyelashes. His hair dishevelled and as if slightly wet. There was some kind of juvenile decisiveness and brightness in his eyes. He was in love with me?! I looked at myself. Oh, God, I know these legs. These, these… these are my wife’s legs. No, it’s not true? I lifted my eyes further up with fear – nice flat abdomen, tight feminine breast. Sure, it’s her. I am she?! No, no, it is not me …

I cried out and woke up, feeling the sweat rushing from every pore of my body like Icelandic geysers.”

 As for my novel “The Living Treasure” I think it is one of the best in contemporary adventure literature. The plot is dynamic, full of tension, action, some mystics and history. The main characters, a boy with unique abilities and an archeologist come across numerous valuable archeological finds, but finally, after many ups and downs they discover the biggest gold treasure left by Alexander the Great in the Rhodopi Mountains.

 They entered the cave and got to the niche above the ceiling where the treasure was hidden. Kosta saw it and stood speechless with admiration. The treasure contained a great number of gold cups, jugs and all kinds of ornaments and even precious stones. Suddenly his look was attracted by something like a book … plated with gold and all over covered with big and magnificent diamonds. … Their polishing was as fine as if a jewellery master from Amsterdam had made them last week. They were so precisely cut off and polished that he could hardly believe they had been cut off thousands of years ago, when it is supposed that people did not dispose of the appropriate technique for doing it.”    

 As a whole I am absolutely sure that the book will grab readers’ attention and will have enormous success not only as printed work but as a film as well. There is another book by the same author: “Milliards of Lonely Hearts” (a volume of poetry), published in Bulgarian, March 2003.

 If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. You can contact me by email or regular mail.

 Truly Yours,

 Slavian Yorgakiev

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